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Behavioral Health Staff: AOD Manual


Alcohol & Other Drug Provider (AOD) Policy and Procedure Manual

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AOD) maintains this on-line manual as a reference for contract providers of treatment and prevention services.

The AOD Provider Manual contains or provides access to documents specifying regulatory and administrative requirements that all programs must adhere to. This Manual is incorporated by reference into all service provider contracts. As such, providers are bound both by the contract, and in most cases by state or federal regulation, to comply with the provisions contained in this Manual.

The contents of the Manual are periodically updated as changes to federal, state and local requirements are made available by the issuing agency. These updates may be provided as revisions to this electronic document or other electronic or print format over the course of the contract year.

The information presented in this Manual is, to the best of our knowledge, current and complete. However, regulations and their interpretation can change from time to time. In addition, since some content is provided via link to other websites, Alcohol and Other Drugs Services cannot always vouch for the currency or accuracy of such content since content in third party websites may change or be relocated without notice. In some cases, not all content applies to all programs, for example requirements specific to prevention services do not apply to treatment programs.

In the event there is any question whether current or planned program operations are in or out of compliance with the Manual, please contact the Alcohol and Drug Services staff analyst assigned to your contract.

San Mateo County BHRS AOD Publications:

Strategic Prevention Plan

Substance Abuse Prevention Services Policy & Procedures Manual (DRAFT)
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General information

Program Standards and Business Requirements


DMC-ODS Implementation
Provider Monthly Technical Assistance Conference Calls

BHRS AOD will host a monthly conference call with providers in preparation for ODS rollout. Please save the dates and times for the calls. The agenda will be announced in advance. We will address programmatic, clinical, and billing related issues


TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20TH, 2018 (10:00 AM – 11:30 AM)

Monthly Conference Call # 1-888-636-3807, Participant Code: 566983

AGENDA: ………Coming Soon


General information


A regulation is a rule adopted by a federal or state agency to implement, interpret, or make specific the laws that it enforces or administers. The have the same force as the law on which they are based. These are non-negotiable mandates.