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Food Program


Certified Farmers Markets

A Certified Farmers Market (CFM) allows certified producers to sell their agriculture products directly to consumers. A CFM may only be operated by one or more certified producers, by a nonprofit organization, or by a local government agency. Both the market and the certified producers must be certified by the State of California through the County Agricultural Commissioner. There are approximately 23 CFMs that operate in the County of San Mateo and each market is permitted and inspected by  San Mateo County Environmental Health Services.


Food Facility Plan Check Process

The Food Facility Plan Check program reviews plans for all new and remodeled facilities to ensure they support public health and safety, and comply with local and state health codes. Plans must be received and approved before any construction or remodeling takes place.


Temporary Events

Temporary events such as county fairs, city festivals, street events, and other public gatherings are to be approved and permitted by San Mateo County Environmental Health Services. They consist of one or more food booths, also known as temporary food facilities (TFF). It is the responsibility of San Mateo County Environmental Health Services to inspect permitted facilities to ensure temporary food establishments operate in a safe and sanitary manner. These inspections ensure that temporary food facilities operate in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.