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Oral Health


Oral Public Health Program
Healthy mouths, healthy bodies, healthy communities

The Oral Public Health Program (OPHP) works with community partners to improve the conditions for oral health in San Mateo County, particularly for those facing historical and systemic barriers to oral health.

The OPHP currently focuses on reaching: pregnant people, parents/ primary caregivers of infants and children ages 0-5, and children eligible for Medi-Cal health and dental insurance.


Vision, Mission, and Values


The vision of the Oral Public Health Program (OPHP) is to create the conditions in San Mateo County for oral health for all, so everyone can be healthier.


Our mission is to improve oral public health in San Mateo County by collaborating with partners to provide interventions at the individual, community, and system levels. We achieve this mission by:

Providing or linking priority populations from historically under-resourced communities to:  


Accessing oral health care

If you qualify for Medi-Cal or CareAdvantage health or dental insurance:

As of January 1, 2022, Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM) Dental began covering the dental benefits for San Mateo County community members eligible for Medi-Cal and CareAdvantage. That means, as an HPSM Medi-Cal or CareAdvantage member:


San Mateo Medical Center Dental Clinics
For people receiving care at SMMC Dental

San Mateo Medical Center’s dental clinics provide general, specialty and emergency dental care to people of all ages, including pregnant people, people living with HIV/AIDs, people with mental health conditions, and the unhoused.

Dental clinics are located in Daly City, Half Moon Bay (Coastside), Redwood City (Fair Oaks), and San Mateo.  If you are new to San Mateo Medical Center, visit our New Patients page to apply for health insurance or to schedule your first appointment.