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Program Standards and Business Requirements

General information

2017 BHRS-AOD Informational Notices

Information coming soon …………


Program Standards and Monitoring Instruments

1.  Offender Treatment Programs

DUI Overview and Provider List


2.  Alcohol and Other Drug Services Housing Subsidy Program


3.  General Program Requirements

DHCS Perinatal Services Network Guidelines FY 2016 – 17

4.  Drug Medi-Cal Program Requirements                                              

5.  Charter Document

The Charter Document outlines the vision, principles and key actions for improving service delivery to persons with co-occurring disorders.

6.  AOD Services Program Policies

7.  Monitoring Instruments – Site visit forms for both treatment providers and prevention partnerships are pending revision, and will be posted soon.

8. Standards of Care

9. DMC-ODS Contract Definitions

Contractual and Fiscal Requirements

  1. Provider Contract Contents
  2. Payment and Monitoring Procedures
  3. Program Specific Requirements
  4. Contract Due Dates - FY17 - 18
  5. SAPT Certificates of Compliance
  6. Exhibit A and B Attachment 1 – DHCS ODS Contracts