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Tiered Permitting Program


Tiered Permitting Program

Treatment means any method, technique or process that changes the physical, chemical or biological character or composition of a hazardous waste, or removes or reduces its harmful properties or characteristics.

The State of California established a five-tiered program for authorizing the treatment and storage of hazardous waste at many businesses required to have State authorization, but not federal authorization (i.e., authorization under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act or RCRA). The Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) regulates Full and Standardized Permitted facilities; and San Mateo County Environmental Health Services Division regulates facilities in the lower tiers: Permit by Rule (PBR), Conditionally Authorized (CA) and Conditionally Exempt (CE).

Businesses planning to treat hazardous waste on-site must notify the CUPA by submitting a notification through CERS or the County Portal; and obtaining authorization from the CUPA.  

For more information about the Tiered Permitting Program go to DTSC’s website or call us at (650) 372-6200.