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Solid Waste


Solid Waste Program

Overview of the Solid Waste Program

San Mateo County residents create large amounts of solid waste – including garbage, bottles, cans, newspapers, construction materials, debris, and lawn and garden trimmings. This solid waste is usually picked up by the garbage collectors and taken to transfer centers, where it is separated into materials that must be disposed of in a landfill.

Environmental Health Services’ Solid Waste Program staff make sure that business, garbage collection and disposal companies, and individual residents follow federal, state, and local standards and permitting requirements for proper handling and disposal of solid waste.

Inspectors permit and regulate four Transfer/Material Recovery Facilites (MRF) and one Anaerobic Digestion Facility in Pescadero, San Bruno, San Carlos, and South San Francisco:

  • Pescadero TS: Artichoke and Bean Hollow Road, Pescadero (Operator – BFI/Republic Services)
  • San Bruno TS/MRF: 101 Tanforan Ave., San Bruno (Operator – Recology)
  • South Bayside Integrated Facility: 225/333 Showeway Road, San Carlos (Operator – South Bay Recycling)
  • Blueline Material Recovery & Anaerobic Digestion Facility: 500 East Jamie Court, South San Francisco (Operator – South SF Scavengers)
  • One active landfill, Ox Mountain in Half Moon Bay. Ox Mountain is a Class III Municipal Solid Waste Landfill which accepts all types of solid waste and is prohibited from accepting hazardous waste. The landfill is located at 12310 San Mateo Rd (Hwy 92), Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.  
  • 17 closed landfills in different locations around the County.
  • Regulatory oversight of 41 post closure developments (building construction on top of landfill sites).
  • Three small volume green waste chipping and grinding operations (not open to the public).
  • One small volume equine agricultural composting operation (not open to the public)
  • Two small volume construction, demolition, and inert debris operations (not open to the public)

Solid waste facilities and landfill sites are monitored for compliance to State minimum standards for the proper handling and disposal of solid waste to prevent the creation of public health, safety, and environmental concerns.

After a landfill has been closed, the landfill sites can be used for open space, parks, or for light or commercial developments.

For more information regarding solid waste regulations and other topics pertaining to solid waste management, please visit the CalRecycle website.

Waste Hauler Permit Application
Closed Landfill Postclosure Development Application