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San Mateo County Park Rx

Improve your health and well-being by spending time outdoors.  Everyone should have access to nature and outdoor spaces to play and rest.

The San Mateo County Park Rx (Park Prescription) program promotes the use and enjoyment of parks and public lands to benefit your physical and mental health.

San Mateo County Park Rx is part of a national initiative to promote spending time in nature to improve health and well-being.

Time spent in nature benefits your physical health:

  • Reduces blood pressure and headaches
  • Promotes overall health and well-being
  • Promotes faster healing time
  • Lowers Stress

And improves your emotional health:

  • Increases academic performance and productivity
  • Improves mood and behavior
  • Reduces mental fatigue, anger, and frustration

Explore the outdoors anytime. Join your community in one of the many open spaces in our area or ask your health care provider for a Park Prescription today.

For more information or to be put on an event reminder list, please contact Gloria Cahuich-Gonzalez (information below)

(650) 573-3665

SMC Park Rx Nature Promotion Events

San Mateo County is home to twenty-one amazing parks and open spaces!  Whether exploring the tide pools at the coast, sitting in an ancient redwood forest or strolling along native grasslands, our parks provide outdoor experiences for all to discover.

See a map.


City Parks & Recreation in San Mateo County

Each city within San Mateo County offers parks to explore and recreational activities to suit your interests. Check out your local city park and recreation department today to learn what is happening in your community.


Community Partners

San Mateo County’s community partners offer activities, events, and even mobile apps to help make exploring nature and the outdoors even easier. Learn more about upcoming special events and programs in our community.


Bay Area Regional Open Spaces

In addition to the beautiful open spaces in San Mateo County, the San Francisco Bay Area offers magical places to explore. Learn more about the adventures in the surrounding counties that await you!