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Forms & Permits


Birth and Death Certificates

How to get birth and death certificates, (Note: For requests pre 1966 records, contact County Clerks Recorder’s Office at 650-363-4500)


Pets & Wildlife

Learn what to do about pests in your home and dead or injured wildlife on your property and how to protect your furry family from getting sick or lost.


Medical Marijuana ID Program

The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program in the State of California advises counties to administer a voluntary card registration program that allows eligible patients and their primary caregivers to apply for and receive identification cards through their county of residence (Senate Bill 420).

How do I apply for a medical marijuana ID card?

  1. You must apply in person:

    San Mateo County Health System
    225 37th Avenue, Room 11
    San Mateo, CA  94403
    (650) 573-2395