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Live Healthy


Local Agencies and Contacts

San Mateo County Health 650-573-2222
Behavioral Health Services 650-537-2541
Alcohol and Other Drug Services 650-802-6400
24/7 San Mateo Crisis Hotline 650-579-0350
Emergency Preparedness Services 650-573-3798
Older Adults and People with Disabilities 1-800-675-8437
All Other County Depts. (Operator)   650-363-4000

Get Healthy San Mateo County

Get Healthy San Mateo County is a local collaborative of community-based organizations, County agencies, cities, schools, and hospitals working together to advance policy change to prevent diseases and ensure everyone has equitable opportunities to live a long and healthy life.  

Visit Get Healthy San Mateo County


Health Alert Center

The Alert Center allows you to view all alerts and emergencies in San Mateo County put out by SMC Health in one place. If there are alerts or emergencies, they will be listed here as soon as possible. To be instantly notified of alerts and emergencies subscribe to SMC Alert at Please bookmark this page for future use. 


Immunization Programs & Vaccines

Immunizations, also known as vaccines or shots, are one of the most important public health efforts to control disease spread in the world. The San Mateo County Immunization Program works with community members, parents, physicians and clinics, schools and child care centers, older adults and other health and social service organizations to ensure that immunizations are available for all. Newborns, babies, teens, pregnant women, adults and older adults need immunizations to stay healthy and protected from diseases, such as polio, whooping cough (pertussis), measles, hepatitis B and flu.


Emergency Preparedness

Learn how to get ready for an emergency or natural disaster and find out more about volunteer opportunities.


Healthy Environment

Get the latest information on our work to reduce smoke and tobacco in San Mateo County, how to keep your home healthy, how clean local waterways are, how safe locally harvested fish is to include in your menu, and what you can do to help prevent pollution. Plus, get the latest information on healthier manicures and pedicures.


Report a Problem

Report a problem with your apartment, a meal you ate at a restaurant, or find out how to dispose of a dead animal on your property.

Click here to file an Environmental Health Services complaint for food, housing, swimming pools, illegal dumping of hazardous waste, discharge to storm drain system, or failed septic system. 


Safe Waste Disposal

Learn how to properly manage and dispose of hazardous waste you may have at home or at your business. 


Health Insurance

Insurance keeps you healthy and financially covered when you need it most.

Health coverage can be complicated. That’s why we offer free assistance to help you apply. We can let you know which programs you may qualify for, explain how they work, what it may cost, and then help you apply.

Schedule a health coverage screening appointment even if you think you might not qualify or if you have private, non-employer sponsored insurance. Legal immigration status is not required to access free or low-cost health insurance in San Mateo County. If you are under age 26 and currently not employed, but covered by a parent’s private insurance plan, you might qualify for subsidized coverage through Medi-Cal.