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Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

San Mateo County Health is recommending that everyone who is eligible get the seasonal flu vaccine and the new COVID-19 vaccine. Residents in San Mateo County should contact their primary health care provider or local pharmacy for flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Use MyTurn to find a location near you.

Residents without Health Coverage

Residents without health coverage can access flu and COVID-19 vaccines at County Health vaccine clinics at no cost. For additional questions about flu or COVID-19 vaccines contact County Health at (650) 573-2877 or

Some pharmacies are offering free COVID-19 vaccines to residents without insurance. Call or check pharmacy websites to learn more.

To learn about health coverage options in San Mateo County that may be available to you and your family, please call our Health Coverage Unit at (650) 616-2002 or click here for more information.

Testing Guidance

PCR testing and rapid antigen test kits (home test kits) remain widely available through health care providers and pharmacies.

For additional information on testing guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), please view the How to Get Tested guidance.

Isolation Guidance

Please view the COVID-19 Isolation Guidance page to read the latest isolation recommendations from CDPH.