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Pacific Islander Initiative


Pacific Islander Initiative

Hosted by The Office of Diversity and Equity

The Pacific Islander Initiative (PII) was created to address health disparities within the community and to connect families to resources or services they may not know about, but are eligible for.

After a needs assessment survey was conducted among Pacific Islanders in 2005, there were areas that were identified that needed development and attention. The results showed that the Pacific Islander population does not willingly seek help from available resources because of language barriers, lack of culturally sensitive services, fear of government institutions, and inaccurate information about available resources and services.

The PII is charged to address those challenges and help change systems and policy to make services more accessible for the community. The PII has set goals in order to achieve our mission and vision through education and awareness, prevention and capacity building and leadership.

PII will be rotating their monthly meetings between multiple locations to reach more members of the San Mateo County PI community. (Schedule Coming Soon)

Pacific Islander Initiative Resources

PI Suicide Prevention Cards

Downloadable versions of PI Suicide Prevention Cards here.

For more information regarding the Pacific Islander Initiative and ways to get involved please contact our co-chairs and also visit the Pacific Islander Initiative’s Facebook at

The Pacific Islander Initiative is funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).