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Youth Commission


San Mateo County Youth Commission

In 1993, the Board of Supervisors established Resolution 57588, which created the San Mateo County Youth Commission. This was then amended by Resolution 59609 adopted in 1995.

Current Agenda

Mission Statement

The Youth Commission strives to address issues affecting youth in San Mateo County and close the gap between adult and youth perspectives. By placing youth in committees and on County Boards and Commissions, the Youth Commission increases awareness of and advocates for youth issues, advises the Board of Supervisors, presents policy recommendations, and creates projects that serve the community.


The San Mateo County Youth Commission is an advisory commission to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, established in 1993 to address youth need in the county and provide youth voice in local government. The Commission consists of 25 members, between the ages of 13-21, who reside or attend school in San Mateo County. Funded by the Health and Policy Planning Unit of the County’s Health Services, reporting to the Board of Supervisors, and housed under the Youth Leadership Institute, the Commission is a collaborative effort of all three San Mateo County serving entities.


Environmental Justice
Human Rights
Health & Wellness
Education  & Economic Development

Current Commissioners

First Name Last Name School Term Begins
Eeshan Bhat San Mateo High School 8/31/2018
Allyson Chan Hillsdale High School 8/31/2018
Lilian Chang Mills Highs School 8/31/2018
Leeah Coffeey St. Ignatius College Preparatory 8/31/2018
Jade Costello Notre Dame High School Belmont 8/31/2018
Diego Denault Sequoia High School 8/31/2018
Lester Gutierrez Pacific Bay Christian High School 8/31/2018
Evan Hua San Mateo High School 8/31/2018
Carrie Ho Mills High School  
Stella Kaval Menlo Atherton High School 8/31/2018
Vedant Kenkare Harker High School 8/31/2018
Sydney Mufarreh Mills High School 8/31/2018
Javier Nino-Sears Sequoia High School 8/31/2018
Anjuli Niyogi Mills High School 8/31/2018
Sathvik Nori Menlo-Atherton 8/31/2018
Sarah Pistorino Pistorino Sacred Heart Prep 8/31/2018
Monique Ray University of San Francisco 8/31/2018
Joseph Scatena Junipero Serra High School 8/31/2018
Vikram Seshadri Menlo School 8/31/2018
Atiya Shah San Mateo High School 8/31/2018
Holmon Torno Junipero Serra High School 8/31/2018
Josh Tseng Stanford OHS 8/31/2018
Vineela Vandanapu Notre Dame High School Belmont 8/31/2018
Julianna Wing Notre Dame High School Belmont 8/31/2018
Jacob Wolin Crystal Springs Uplands School 8/31/2018


    SMCYC Meetings

    The Youth Commission operates on a school calendar, with meetings occurring September-May. Meetings are run according to Rosenburg’s Rules of Order and by the procedural rules of the San Mateo County Youth Commission.  SMCYC Procedural Rules

    Executive Board Meetings – 1st Thursday of the Month, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, 1670 S Amphlett Blvd, Suite 250, San Mateo, CA 94063
    Join online at:

    Workgroup Meeting – 2nd Thursday of the Month, 6:15 – 8:15 PM, Health Services Building, Room 100, 225 – 23th Avenue, San Mateo

    Public Meeting – 4th Thursday of the Month, 6:15 – 8:15 PM, Room 101, 455 County Center, Redwood City

    Meetings dates are subject to change. All meetings are open to the public

    Download a calendar of meetings here: SMCYC Calendar 2019-2020


    Agendas – 2019-2020

    Agendas – 2018-2019

    SMCYC Agenda 5-23-19

    SMCYC Agenda 5-16-19

    SMCYC Agenda 4-25-19

    SMCYC Agenda 4-18-19

    SMCYC Agenda 4-11-19

    SMCYC Agenda 3-28-19

    SMCYC Agenda 3-14-19

    SMCYC Agenda 2-28-19

    SMCYC Agenda 2-7-19

    SMCYC Agenda 1-24-19

    SMCYC Agenda 1-17-19

    SMCYC Agenda 1-10-19

    SMCYC Agenda 12-13-18

    SMCYC Agenda 12-6-18

    SMCYC Agenda 11-15-18

    SMCYC Agenda - 11-8-18

    SMCYC Agenda 10-25-18

    SMCYC Agenda 10-11-18

    SMCYC Agenda 9-27-18

    SMCYC Agenda 9-20-18

    SMCYC Agenda 8-25-18

    agendas – 2017-2018

    SMCYC Agenda 8-12-17

    SMCYC Agenda 8-31-17

    SMCYC Agenda 9-21-17

    SMCYC Agenda 9-28-17

    SMCYC Agenda 10-13-17

    SMCYC Agenda 10-19-17

    SMCYC Agenda 10-26-17

    SMCYC Agenda 11-2-17

    SMCYC Agenda 11-9-17

    SMCYC Agenda 11-16-17

    SMCYC Agenda 12-7-17

    SMCYC Agenda 12-14-17

    SMCYC Agenda 1-18-18

    SMCYC Agenda 1-25-18

    SMCYC Agenda 2-18-18

    SMCYC Agenda 2-15-18

    SMCYC Agenda 3-8-18

    SMCYC Agenda 3-15-18

    SMCYC Agenda 3-22-18

    SMCYC Agenda 4-5-18

    SMCYC Agenda 4-19-18

    SMCYC Agenda 4-26-18

    SMCYC Agenda 5-3-18

    Agendas – 2016-2017

    SMCYC Agenda 9-1-16

    SMCYC Agenda 9-8-16

    SMCYC Agenda 9-15-16

    SMCYC Agenda 9-22-16

    SMCYC Agenda 10-20-16

    SMCYC Agenda 10-27-16

    SMCYC Agenda 11-3-16

    SMCYC Agenda 11-10-16

    SMCYC Agenda 11-17-16

    SMCYC Agenda 12-1-16

    SMCYC Agenda 12-08-16

    SMCYC Agenda 1-12-17

    SMCYC Agenda 1-19-17

    SMCYC Agenda 1-26-17

    SMCYC Agenda 2-2-17

    SMCYC Agenda 2-16-17

    SMCYC Agenda 2-23-17

    SMCYC Agenda 3-2-17

    SMCYC Agenda 3-16-17

    SMCYC Agenda 3-23-17

    SMCYC Agenda 4-13-17

    SMCYC Agenda 4-20-17

    SMCYC Agenda 4-27-17

    SMCYC Agenda 5-10-17

    SMCYC Agenda 5-18-17

    SMCYC Agenda 5-25-17

    SMCYC Agenda 5-17-18

    SMCYC Agenda 5-24-18

    How to join


    The Youth Commission is comprised of 25 youth between the ages of 13-21 who reside or attend school in San Mateo County. Commissioners serve a fixed term from July 1st to June 30 and are required to attend 2 meetings per month.

    You may also join as a public member of the Youth Commission and take part in all aspects of meetings however you will not be allowed to vote on commission matters.

    To apply, please visit:

    Sign-up for updates