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Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery Commission


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery Commission

San Mateo County has an active Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery Commission (MHSARC). From its founding in 1958 until October 2010, the Commission was called the Mental Health Board. The Commission recognizes that mental illness and substance abuse are often co-occurring and interrelated, and supports the merger of Mental Health Services and Alcohol and Other Drug Services into the Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery Services.

The Commission consists of 19 members appointed by the Board of Supervisors representing family members, consumers/clients, professionals and interested residents. By State law, at least 50% of the members must be consumers or family member of mental health services. Members are appointed to three year terms, and may serve no more than 12 years. Contact the Board of Supervisors in you’re interested in filling a vacant seat on the Commission. Consumers/clients may also contact BHRS administration at (650) 573-2544 to apply. Along with the 19 appointed members, there are two Youth Commissioners and a seat held by a member of the Board of Supervisors, or his/her representative. The functions of the Commission are set by State law and County resolution.

There are four elected officers of the Commission: a chair, vice chair, member at large, and a representative to the statewide California Association of Local Mental Health Boards/Commissions. Officers serve a one-year term with a maximum of three terms.

Current Officers

For a complete roster of officers for the MHSARC, visit the County’s Boards and Commissions page.

Join the Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery Commission

General information

MHSARC Public Meetings

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery Commission

First Wednesday of each month (no meeting in August)
Time: 3:30 to 5 pm
Location: Health Services Building, 225 W. 37th Ave, Room 100, San Mateo (meetings are currently being held remotely due to COVID-19 until further notice. Please check the BHRS calendar for the meeting links or call the number below for questions.)

General information

MHSARC and Executive Committee Agendas & Minutes

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery Commission

FY 18/19 MHSARC Annual Report.

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George Culores Hall of Fame
presented in February

Recognizes consumer/clients who have made contributions to better the lives of other consumer/clients; shown leadership in the consumer movement or have a personal journey of recovery that inspires and gives hope to others.  

Tony Hoffman Community Mental Health Service Award
presented in May