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Behavioral Health Staff: Medi-Cal Mandatory Posting English


Client & Family Welcome Information

Welcome to San Mateo County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

In order to give you an initial orientation about the services available to you, we have carefully assembled this Welcome Packet that includes all the information you need to start accessing our network of care. 

This information is available in paper form without charge upon request. You will receive a copy within 5 business days. Please contact your provider or the BHRS ACCESS Call Center at: (800) 686-0101 or TTY (for hearing impaired): dial 711

*Providers: Items with an asterisk* must be placed in the lobby of all BHRS County and Contractor Clinics.

Telehealth Resources for Clients

*How can I verify a clinician’s credentials? English | Spanish

MediCal Information and BHRS List of Providers

Information about Changing a Provider and Filing a Grievance

Information on Filing a Complaint with the BBS

Information about Your Rights 

BHRS Client Perception Survey 

2022 BHRS Client Perception Survey Presentation

Mental Health Emergency Guidelines for Calling 911 

Financial Information

It is very important that you start obtaining health insurance coverage right away when entering our network of care to assure that we can offer you the most comprehensive treatment plan and can continue to dispense any medication(s) you may already receive without any delays.

If you already have health coverage through your employer, a privately purchased plan, Medicare (including any Prescription Coverage (Part D) plan) or ACE, please note the following important information:

  1. Please give us a copy of your membership card at your first visit so that we can check if your carrier covers all aspects of your treatment plan.
  2. If you already know that your carrier does not cover the adequate level of care, please provide us with a written statement of the carrier’s inability to accommodate your treatment needs.
  3. Please note that Medi-Cal may cover a portion or all of your treatment services for which your insurance carrier may otherwise charge a co-pay or deductible.

Also, please note that you may be eligible for enrollment into CareAdvantage if you have free Medi-Cal and Medicare Part A & B coverage.

At a minimum, we can assist you with enrolling into a Prescription Assistance Program that subsidizes your prescription expenses for a significant discount and is administered through our own Pharmacy Services department.

For your convenience, we can arrange for a comprehensive health insurance screening at our clinics or community partners’ sites or your home. During the pending enrollment period you will be able to obtain services through our network of care. For more information on the general enrollment procedures and options for your child and/or your family, please contact: Stefan Luesse, Manager for Health Insurance Outreach & Coordination, at (650) 573 3502

BHRS Policies

Consumer Problem Resolution & NOA: 19-01
Client Rights

Consumer Problem Resolution & NOA: 19-01 Policy 19-01

SUPERSEDES:  04-10 Notice of Action, 03-03 Consumer Problem Resolution System

New Policy June 2019, Technical edits and Translated attachments added, October 10, 2019; Technical Revision January 9, 2020
Attachment A: Amended January 9, 2020,

Attachment B:  Technical Edit March 12, 2021, Technical Edit March 14, 2021; Technical Edit September 24, 2021