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Notice of Privacy Practices: 03-02

BHRS Policies BHRS Doc Owner: Quality Management

Notice of Privacy Practices Policy: 03-02

Attachment A: Summary of Privacy Practices: EnglishSpanishChineseTagalogTongan | Russian

Attachment B: Consent to Treatment & Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices: EnglishTagalog | SpanishTonganChineseTagalogRussian

Policy Amended 12/09/09; Technical edits 1/23/14; Translations added 9/16/16
Attachment: A revised 1/09; revised 12/28/21
Attachment B: added 12/09; Technical Edits 3/13; Tongan translations completed 1/14; Tagalog and Chinese translations revised 10/19, added Russian translation 2/23/2021