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Oral health is essential to our general health and well being. It’s all connected!
Oral health is about MORE than a nice smile


Healthy mouths, healthy bodies

Babies and children with healthy mouths can eat enough healthy foods and get enough sleep to help their bodies grow and develop well, because they don’t have problems chewing, eating, or sleeping due to an infection in their mouth.

Babies and children with healthy mouths have healthier immune systems, because their bodies don’t have to fight off infections from bacteria in their mouth, which can spread to other parts of their body. 

Asthma and oral health

  • Some asthma and acid reflux medicines (about half of children with asthma have acid reflux) and mouth breathing can make the mouth dry. A dry mouth can cause cavities, mouth sores, bad breath, or gum disease. Some asthma medications can cause oral yeast infections (oral thrush).
  • Make sure your child rinses their mouth with tap water after using their inhaler. When using an inhaler before bed, rinse or brush teeth immediately afterward. Chew sugar-free gum with xylitol to help dry mouth and get rid of the taste of medications. If you think your child may have oral thrush, contact their doctor. If you are worried your child may have an asthma attack at the dentist, talk to the dental staff ahead of the visit to discuss ways to make your child more comfortable.

Healthy mouths, healthy minds

When children have good oral health and no infections in their mouths causing pain, they’re less likely to miss school days, or have problems learning or concentrating. This is why in the state of California, all children enrolling in public school kindergarten must have an oral health assessment completed by a dentist and turned into their school by the beginning of the kindergarten year. Learn more here.

Healthy mouths, healthy spirits 

Children with healthy mouths can have better self-esteem, feel happier, and have better social relationships than children with unhealthy mouths. Children with unhealthy mouths may have problems speaking, and they may be embarrassed or have lower self-esteem because of their mouth, teeth, or gum problems.

Healthy mouths, healthy finances

Practicing good daily oral health habits and having access to a regular dentist, healthy foods, and fluoridated tap water can all help keep your dental expenses low. An unhealthy mouth can be expensive to treat, and require you to take more time off work.