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Vision, Mission, and Values


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The vision of the Oral Public Health Program (OPHP) is to create the conditions in San Mateo County for oral health for all, so everyone can be healthier.


Our mission is to improve oral public health in San Mateo County by collaborating with partners to provide interventions at the individual, community, and system levels.

We achieve this mission by:

  • Providing or linking priority populations from historically under-resourced communities to:  
  • Partnering with public and private organizations and with community members to:   
    • Integrate oral health prevention, education, and treatment into services  
    • Share oral health data for surveillance, quality improvement, and evaluation purposes   
    • Coordinate oral public health projects and initiatives  
    • Advance system and policy change through collective impact   
  • Conducting essential oral public health activities, including:  
    • Oral health needs assessment  
    • Oral health surveillance, evaluation, and quality improvement  
    • Community oral health improvement and action planning  


Equity – We use frameworks for reducing oral health inequities in our approaches and strive to practice cultural humility as individuals and as an institution.  We work to dismantle racist systems and promote anti-racist policies.  We strive to become trustworthy.  

Whole person health – We recognize the ways oral health and overall health are interconnected.  We strive to address the social determinants of health that negatively impact oral health and overall health.    

Sustainability – In planning, implementing, and evaluating programs, we take into consideration program capacity and funding so positive outcomes can be reached and maintained over the long term.  

Evidence Driven—We use data to inform program development and measure program impact.

Accountability—We put systems and processes in place to achieve clear results and hold ourselves responsible to meet and communicate transparently about our commitments.   

Adaptability- We recognize the oral healthcare system is dynamic, complex, and rapidly changing.  We will change and revise plans as needed to best serve our community.  

Collaboration— We recognize we are one part of a larger ecosystem of oral health stakeholders, and that through strong partnerships we will have a positive impact on oral public health.