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Food Facility Closures and Administrative Hearings


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Businesses that present an imminent health risk due to major violations of the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) are closed by Environmental Health Services staff. For businesses that have repeated non-compliance with Cal Code, an administrative hearing is conducted with a business representative and Environmental Health Services staff. 

  • Business names will remain on the list until the violation is corrected
  • Business names will be removed on the next update after a violation is corrected, even if the violation is corrected prior to the update
  • Historical information is not maintained on the site
  • Businesses who close their operations due to health and safety problems, independent of an inspection, will not be listed
  • Businesses who are closed due to serious health violations, as identified by Environmental Health Services staff, are listed until permitted to re-open

Food Facility Closures

The following businesses failed to correct major violations of the California Retail Food Code (CalCode) and are/were closed due to these violations.

DBA/NAME: Champagne Seafood
ADDRESS: 88 E 4th Ave, San Mateo
DATE OF CLOSURE: 8/16/2023
REASON FOR CLOSURE: Cockroach infestation

Food Facility Administrative Hearings

The following Administrative Hearings were held to discuss whether the permit to operate the food establishments below should be suspended or revoked, or whether the establishment in question should be referred to the District Attorneys Office for further legal action. Representatives of the food establishment and Environmental Health Services were present at these meetings. Click on the following link to be directed to our Online Inspection Results web page, where you can type in the facility name and view the inspection history.






In the future, serious violations of the California Retail Food Code (CalCode) may result in the immediate suspension or revocation of the permit to operate the food establishment in question, and/or the referral to the District Attorney’s Office for legal action.