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Division: Public Health, Policy and Planning


Public Health, Policy and Planning

Public Health, Policy and Planning protects the health of everyone who lives, works, learns and plays in San Mateo County by preventing the spread of communicable diseases, delivering targeted health care services, providing public health laboratory testing and building communities that make it easy to stay healthy.

Help make the healthy choice the easy choice. Visit for strategies on how to build healthy, equitable communities in San Mateo County. Get Healthy San Mateo County is a local collaborative of community-based organizations, County agencies, cities, schools, and hospitals working together to advance policy change to prevent diseases and ensure everyone has equitable opportunities to live a long and healthy life. The collaborative is facilitated by San Mateo County Health. 


Whole Person Care

San Mateo County Health started the Whole Person Care pilot in 2016 in response to Medi-Cal 2020. Whole Person Care (WPC) was initiated with a funding stream designed to enhance, evolve, and transform service delivery within the health care system. It is a coordinated approach where we proactively communicate across divisions and departments, supporting the most complex and vulnerable clients with agility, efficiency, and perseverance.