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COVID-19 Mental Health Resources


Healthy Ways of Coping with Stress​

During times of change and uncertainty it is even more important to incorporate self-care and structure into your schedule. And while your typical self-care routine may no longer be available, there are ways to stay healthy and remain connected. Every day take a moment (or more) to take care of yourself. Here is a list of resources to help practice wellness while physical distancing: 

Staying Well

Free App to Help Cope with Stress - Behavioral Health & Recovery Services is offering free resource to help San Mateo County residents cope with stress (meditations, sleep sounds, movement exercises & more).   Sign up here:

Wellness While Physical Distancing [PDF

Quick Mental Health Tips Resource Card: 
[English] [Spanish], [Chinese], [Tagalog], [Russian]

Coping Strategies
[Video] PDFs: [English], [Spanish], [Chinese-traditional], [Chinese-simplified], [Tagalog], [Russian]

Coping with Stress, Anxiety and Substance Use During COVID-19 

Dealing with Community Stress [PDF

Tips for Dealing with Grief [Video] [PDF]

Emotional Wellbeing and Managing Stress - California HOPE website

Community Resource Guide
For behavioral health, food, financial and immigration support (PDF): 
[English]  [Spanish], [Chinese], [Tagalog], [Russian]

Resources For Specific Populations

Below is a list of COVID-19 resources for specific populations. The information is compiled from San Mateo County resources and other trusted organizations. 

Children, Youth, Teens, Families

San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Youth and Family (PDF)  [English] [Spanish]

Crushing the Curve Youth Campaign
Bay Area campaign to educate youth, teens and their parents about staying healthy physically and mentally during the pandemic

StarVista Parent Support Line:
(650) 579-0350 

StarVista Teen Website and Chat:

California Youth Crisis Line 24/7:


California Parent & Youth Helpline 

NAMI San Mateo County

  • Call (650) 638-0800 to get information, resource referrals and support for family members supporting loved ones with a mental health condition.
  • NAMI San Mateo County Warm Line (650) 638-0802.

Childhelp National Child Abuse

Stress Relief for Caregivers and Kids during COVID-19
(CA Surgeon General)

Families Members of Adults 

  • Family Assertive Support Team – an in-home outreach service that offers assessment, consultation, and support services to adults (age 18+) in San Mateo County experiencing a severe mental health problem and their designated family members (broadly defined as individuals with close and enduring emotional ties).  Contact FAST at: (650) 368-3178 or see their webpage.

Older Adults

Peninsula Family Service Older Adult Resource Line
(650) 780-7542 Monday–Friday, 7:30 am–4 pm

Friendship Line

  • (800) 971-0016 for 24/7 support if you are 60 years or older, or an adult living with disabilities.
  • Friendship Line Website

Senior Peer Counseling

  • (650) 403-4300 Trained volunteer counselors provide support in English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog & LGBTQ adults over 55

Older Adult System of Integrated Services (OASIS)

For San Mateo County residents, age 60 and over, dealing with mental health issues that impact their day to day functioning, call the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services OASIS team at (650) 573-3689. 

First Responders, Law Enforcement, Healthcare Personnel

Fire & EMS Helpline 


  • COPLINE website
  • Call (800) 267-5463 to find support 24/7 for law enforcement officers.

CDC Tips for Emergency Responders

Substance Use Disorders Resources


  • What are my options to help with alcohol and drug use? - English, Spanish
  • How can I stay safe while using drugs? - EnglishSpanish
  • Medications for alcohol and opioid Use - EnglishSpanish
  • How can I support a family member or friend who has a problem with alcohol and drugs?- EnglishSpanish

Alcohol and Drug Helpline

Voice of Recovery San Mateo County

Peer to peer support for a lifestyle free of addiction.

Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorders

Call the San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment team: 

(650) 573-2735 |

Cannabis/Tobacco Use

Find a treatment provider in San Mateo County

SAMHSA National Helpline

SAMHSA’s National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service in English and Spanish.


Since the onset of the pandemic, increased incidents of micro aggressions, racial profiling, and hate crimes in Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities have occurred. The outbreak also highlighted how individuals with lack of adequate health insurance coverage, employment instability, economic uncertainty and limited ability to physically distance due to their work or housing situations are at greater risk of the physical and mental health impacts of COVID-19.

Below are resources to help cope with racism and inequities during an infectious disease outbreak:

  • Race and COVID-19 Town Hall [video] | FAQ & Resources
  • Xenophobia Postcard [English] [Chinese]
  • Latin/a/o/x in San Mateo County (SMC) are testing positive for COVID-19 at higher rates than others.  Find tips on how to Protect Yourself & Your Loved ones [English][Spanish]
    • Watch the August 16, 2020 Facebook Live recording (presented in Spanish) featuring 14 expert panelists and learn how to keep you and your family healthy and safe.  Hear answers to COVID-19 questions from the Spanish speaking community – presented by Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, San Mateo County Sheriff’s CARON program and ​​​Ayudando Latinos A Soñar (ALAS). 

San Mateo County Health Equity Initiatives

Focusing on health disparities in access and quality of care for underserved, unserved and inappropriately served cultural and ethnic communities, including LGBTQ, Latino, African American, Chinese, Filipino, Pacific Islander, Native American & Indigenous Peoples, & Spirituality.

More COVID-19 Mental Behavioral Health Resources