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Division: Aging and Adult Services


Aging and Adult Services

Aging and Adult Services (AAS) helps San Mateo County’s older adults and people with disabilities live as safely and independently as possible. Services include centralized intake and referral, assessment and consultation, protective and supportive services, public guardian/conservatorship, and case management. The division serves as the Area Agency on Aging for planning, coordination, program funding, and advocacy for older adults and people with disabilities in the County. The division is advised by the Commission on Aging, the Commission on Disabilities, and the In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee.

AAS’ goal is to deliver compassionate and financially responsible services that meet high professional standards by providing protection, support, prevention and advocacy for older adults and people with disabilities.


Great Plates Delivered FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great Plates Delivered program?

Great Plates Delivered San Mateo County will deliver three free meals a day to older adults in San Mateo County who are at heightened risk due to COVID-19 and are unable to obtain or prepare meals on their own while sheltering in place during the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, Great Plates Delivered is funded through December 8, 2020.

Who qualifies?

Great Plates Delivered San Mateo County will serve older adults who meet all of the following criteria:

General information
See, Stop, Prevent: Dependent & Older Adult Abuse

See, Stop, Prevent: Dependent & Older Adult Abuse
Call 1-800-675-8437 to report suspected abuse or neglect

For every reported case of older adult abuse, 24 cases go unreported. Help stop the cycle—it’s everyone’s business.

Do you suspect a loved one is experiencing abuse or are you experiencing abuse?

Call 1-800-675-8437 to speak to a trained staff member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (The identity of the person reporting elder abuse is protected and may be shared only with the those listed in WI 15633.5(b). Confidentiality may be waived by the reporter or by court order. You may also report elder abuse without providing your name.)

If you are a mandated reporter, you can quickly and confidentially file electronically an SOC 341 (Report of Suspected Abuse) or SOC 342 (Report of Suspected Financial Abuse). You can also download and complete an SOC 341  or SOC 342, and fax it to 1-833-817-7482.