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Storytelling Facilitator Hub
Office of Diversity and Equity


The Office of Diversity and Equity’s (ODE’s) Storytelling program is a space for Consumers of San Mateo County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services to share their stories to make a meaningful impact on themselves and others.

Congratulations and thank you for your future work as a storytelling facilitator. This web-page functions as a hub for storytelling facilitators. Here, facilitators may apply for programmatic support, download program materials, and view a list of resources for helping clients.

Programmatic support for storytelling programs includes two options: ’General’ and ‘Plus’ programmatic support. Applications will be reviewed by ODE Storytelling within a week of submission and will be responded to promptly. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Learn more information about our support options and to apply for Photovoice programmatic support here.

Download Photovoice programmatic materials below:

General forms and guides
Photovoice Training Slideshow
Photovoice Facilitator Guide
Media Release Form

Service Request & Referral Form
Participant Progress Checklist
Photovoice Participant Pre-Program Questionnaire
Photovoice Participant Post-Program Questionnaire
Photovoice Participant Evaluation
Photovoice Participant Follow Up Evaluation
Photovoice Viewer Evaluation

Digital Storytelling

Learn more information about our support options and to apply for Digital Storytelling programmatic support here.

Download Digital Storytelling programmatic materials below:

General forms and guides
Digital Storytelling Facilitator Guide
Media Release Form

Pre-Program Questionnaire
Post-Program Questionnaire
Participant Evaluation
Viewer Evaluation

Showing Stories

Sharing these stories with respect, care, and intention is very important to us and our storytellers. We’d like to share some of our tips and tricks for sharing stories and we ask that you follow this guide to effectively share these stories with your group.
Instructions to show stories



ODE Storytelling
Practicing Cultural Humility Video Series
Storytelling Framework
Storytelling One Pager
ODE Storytelling Report FY 16-17
ODE Storytelling Report FY 17-18

Partnered Communities
Mission Hospice and Home Care
San Mateo County Spirituality Initiative
Queer in San Mateo County
Nuestra Casa


How has this program changed the way you view your story?

“I was actually able to tell one of my stories in a really effective way and I am excited to try this during trainings.”

“I have chosen to make different emphasis in my stories and shorten them to be concise and more effective.”

“I feel a sense of empowerment and inspired by others sharing their stories and not being afraid.”

How will you implement the lessons and skills discussed in this workshop?

“Think more about what stories would be helpful and craft them for key points in the curriculum.”

“Facilitator: very open, organized, prepared–most of all offered a sense of unity among the group, feedback, and was diligent to facilitate everyone to share.”