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General information

DEC sets out to develop goals and activities frequently to fit into the framework to:

  • Increase the capacity of mental health and substance abuse services to serve populations in need.

  • Shift the paradigm to incorporate cultural competence and cultural humility at the city, county, and state levels.

Take a look at previous plans including our most recent plan for 2022!

2014 Strategic Plan
2015 Strategic Plan
2016 Strategic Plan

Town Halls

In FY 20-21 the DEC, in collaboration with San Mateo County Public Health, Policy and Planning, StarVista, Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council, the BHRS Office of Diversity & Equity and Health Equity Initiatives, held a total of 4 virtual Town Halls that focused on Community, Race & COVID-19. The events created opportunities for community members and organizations to share collective challenges, growth and experiences from the first year of Covid-19. Approximately 516 participants attended and provided input on supports needed, and identified community, clients, and Community Based Organization priorities in response to the pandemic. As a result of the information and feedback received, vital support and resources were provided for San Mateo County residents. The DEC continues to focus on immediate response to community needs during COVID-19 recovery. Partnerships were strengthened through the town hall collaborations; this has broadened the opportunity for DEC to be involved in larger equity efforts.

Town Hall 1 Slide Deck
Town Hall 2 Slide Deck
Town Hall 3 Slide Deck
Town Hall 4 Slide Deck
Race & COVID-19 Town Hall Summary & Findings