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If you test positive

If you test positiveIf you test positive

If you test positive, a member of our contact tracing and care navigation team will call you, not only to talk about your recent close contacts but also how we can help support you and your family if you need to isolate. A positive test for COVID-19 can be scary and unsettling, and we want to provide the support you need to focus on your care.

If you or a family member needs to isolate or quarantine, you may be eligible for:

  • Housing and meals at no charge at a local hotel;
  • Food delivery to your home;
  • Rental relief, up to one month’s rent;
  • Economic relief;
  • Assistance caring for a child or elder family member

Please answer the call or text message – your response could save lives.

The health officer’s orders and guidelines for isolation and quarantine are here.

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