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Prevent Rental Housing Violations


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Multi-family dwellings are inspected periodically for health and safety violations by Environmental Health Services (EHS). If you own or manage a multi-family dwelling in San Mateo County, ensure your property is safe, healthy, and ready for inspection.

The EHS Housing Inspection Program offers the following resources for guidance on avoiding the most common violations:

Revise los incumplimientos más comunes de vivienda y asegurarse de que su propiedad y esté lista para inspección.


The Housing Inspection Program created a “Preventing the Most Common Housing Violations” presentation, in support of safe and healthy properties ready for inspection.

Landlord Resources

The presentation is also accessible in pdf format here.

The County’s Five Most Common Housing Violations are below:

Inadequate Vermin/Pest Exclusion

Conditions that promote pest intrusion include holes in/damage to windows, doors, vents, screens, refuse accumulation, and tree/bush limbs hanging within 3 feet of the roof.

Faulty Weather Protection

Deteriorated exterior paint, and faulty waterproofing of exterior walls, roof, foundation, windows, and doors; inadequate weather stripping; improperly sealed building piping, wiring, and vents.


Lack of properly maintained fire safety equipment (smoke detectors and fire extinguishers) and carbon monoxide monitors, and blocking unit exterior doors.

Structural Safety

Ensure your property is structurally safe! Unsecured/damaged hand and guard rails; damaged walkways, damaged supports for balconies/walkways, and damaged stairways are violations.

Landlord Resources

General Exterior Maintenance

Failure to maintain the surrounding property free of debris, inoperable vehicles, appliances, rodent harborages, stagnant water, and conditions that pose fire, health, or safety hazards.

Additional Resources

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


Smoke-Free Housing

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