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Pfizer boosters available at Event Center

cars driving into vaccination clinic in Event Center pavilion

Staff at the Event Center booster clinic will get you through the process quickly and efficiently. You can make an appointment via MyTurn, or you can drive up without an appointment. The Event Center is open on Tuesdays (noon-7pm) and Wednesdays through Saturdays (9am-4pm).

Workforce Development

General information

BHRS Workforce, Education, & Training Program (WET) provides education, training, and workforce development to San Mateo County behavioral health staff, client/ consumers, and family members. Ultimately WET aims to achieve a diverse, culturally responsive, and clinically effective workforce to provide the best possible care for our community. Visit WET to learn more. 

2021 April Workforce Wellness Month Training Videos 

Ongoing Cultural Humility Trainings

Throughout the year the Office of Diversity and Equity offers a variety of free trainings to providers, clients, consumers, and community members. They exist to ensure that behavioral health systems prioritize cultural humility, inclusion, and quality care for all. 

Title Description
Becoming Visible- Using Cultural Humility in Asking Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) Questions

One of San Mateo County BHRS’ strategic initiatives is to reduce healthcare disparities in the LGBTQ+ populations. In order to achieve this goal, we will start collecting data on sexual orientation and gender identity of all our patients/clients. This will require extensive staff training in LGBTQ+ health and psychosocial issues faced by the LGBTQ+ populations.

Prevention and Management of Assaultive Behavior In Outpatient Settings This course will help participants identify words used to initiate the cycle of provocation/ antagonization as well as primary interventions that must reliably stimulate rational-thought in another. Participants will also recognize communicational missteps and default words to re-establish balance in a professional relationship. 
Working Effectively with Interpreters in a Behavioral Health Setting Learn how you and an interpreter can bridge the gap between a client’s diverse language and culture. You play a key role in helping people from all background improve their health and well-being. Interpreters can improve your communication with clients and help you better understand and meet their individual needs.
Working Effectively with Interpreters: Refresher Course Using the principles that were learned in the in-person training, this course is a convenient online refresher course that is aimed at refreshing staff and county contractors with knowledge and skills to develop competency in working with interpreters.
Building Bridges to Diversity and Inclusion: Cultural Humility for Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff

Cultural humility offers one approach to engage with the ever-changing dynamics of cultural and difference, power and privilege, as we go through our day-to-day work.  This collaborative and interactive training will provide attendees with an opportunity to engage and explore these concepts as we all continue to work towards fostering inclusion in the workplace. 

Office of Diversity and Equity Internship Program The ODE Internship Program is designed to provide work opportunities and practical learning experience for undergraduate college and graduate students in order to enhance their academic preparation and expose them to public service at the county level. Interns are paid with a stipend funded by MHSA. For more information, please contact Briana Evans at or 650-372-6138.

 To learn more about trainings contact Erica Britton by emailing her at