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2024 Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging Calendar
SMC BHRS ODE Cultural Competency Plan

Each year the State of California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) requires county mental health departments to develop a Cultural Competence Plan (CCP) as per the DHCS Cultural Competence Plan Requirements (CCPR) intended to move toward the reduction of mental health service disparities and works toward the development of the most culturally and linguistically competent programs and services to meet the needs of California’s diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural communities in the mental health system of care. At San Mateo County (SMC) BHRS we have tied this requirement to the paths we take to support our workforce, our CBO’s and those we serve.

For fiscal year 20-21, our SMC CCP and updates submission (includes FY 20-21 Plan: 3-year review & redlined Updates for FY 20-21) reflects how BHRS continues to deepen its efforts to develop a culturally responsive and inclusive system in support of the behavioral health and recovery needs of San Mateo County’s increasingly diverse population, while also supporting our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to first express our deep gratitude to our entire workforce and stakeholders, without whom none of these advancements would be possible, for your honesty and input on how we can improve these efforts in the future. Our goal is for this document to inform and guide our work, for cultural competence and the principles of cultural humility to remain at the forefront of BHRS. We have seen over the past two years how anything is possible when we come together. This document exemplifies those efforts. Again, Thank You for the work, passion, thoughtfulness, and time that so many of you have dedicated to creating meaningful change!

SMC BHRS Cultural Competence Plan 2021-2022: full document / annual summary

SMC BHRS Cultural Competence Plan 2022-2023: Annual Summary

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