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ReFuel Your Fun Program


The ReFuel Your Fun (RFYF) Program was created by the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) in collaboration with San Mateo County Environmental Health Services, the Sustainability Department, and other local government and retail partners with the goal of reducing the use and improper recycling of single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders and their associated safety, environmental, and economic impacts. 

To begin your transition to reusable 1-lb. propane cylinders, find a retailer near you or explore San Mateo County retail locations below. 

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ReFuel Your Fun Program

The Problem: Single-Use 1 lb. Propane Cylinders

While single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders are convenient, they are often improperly disposed of and pose serious safety risks, environmental harm, and high monetary costs to the County and residents.

Safety risks: Single-use propane cylinders are dangerous. “Empty” containers often contain a small amount of flammable gas, posing a danger to San Mateo County’s sanitation workers due to the risk of explosion and resulting fires. This high risk also makes it very expensive for San Mateo County facilities to recycle and dispose of propane cylinders properly.

Environmental harm: Because of limited, expensive recycling and disposal options, empty cylinders are often discarded improperly in landfills, household trash, recreational areas, campsites, on the roadside, or in recycling containers. Additionally, it can be extremely dangerous for residents to attempt to refill their single-use cylinders, rendering them useless after all propane has been used up.

Cost: Single-use cylinders are expensive! 80% of the price you pay for a cylinder is for the packaging alone. For San Mateo County’s campers, backpackers, BBQ-lovers, and general outdoor enthusiasts, the additional cost for the packaging adds up immensely over time.

Inconvenient Recycling: Single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders can be challenging to recycle properly. In some areas, few locations accept 1 lb. propane cylinders and discarding cylinders in your solid waste bin is prohibited. 

Learn more about how to dispose of used propane tanks and other hazardous waste here.

The Solution: Reusable 1 lb. Propane Cylinders

Increase safety: Sanitation workers will receive fewer propane cylinders to handle and process, reducing the accompanying risks of explosion and fire.

Reduce waste: In contrast to having to recycle a 1 lb. single-use cylinder after just a few hours of usage, each reusable cylinder can be refilled for up to 10 years. This will greatly reduce the number of used propane containers ending up in our landfills, recycling centers, and the environment.

Save money: The initial cost of a reusable cylinder is ~$20 with refill (~$2/fill) and exchange options available. Single-use cylinders costs ~$5 and cannot be reused.

Find Your Nearest Refill and Exchange Retail Locations

Reusable Options: Transition and choose reusable! Purchase a 1 lb. propane cylinder from one of the retailers below and get it filled if purchased empty. This map also shows participating retailers across the country. 

*Please be advised due to supply chain issues, cylinders may not be in stock. It is highly advised to call ahead of time to check inventory. 

City/Company Address Phone Notes
Redwood City | Sport’s Basement 1119 Industrial Road (650) 421-7440 Sells full cylinders, exchanges empty cylinders
La Honda | La Honda Country Market 8865 La Honda Road (650) 508-2330

Sells full cylinders, exchanges empty cylinders 

Loma Mar | Loma Mar Store and Kitchen 8150 Pescadero Creek Road  (650) 879-0203 Sells full cylinders, exchanges empty cylinders 
Pescadero | Pescadero Alliance  1999 Pescadero Creek Road (650) 879-0232 Sells empty cylinders, refills empty cylinders
Woodside | Skywood Trading Post 17287 Skywood Blvd. (650) 851-0914 

Sells full cylinders, exchanges empty cylinders 

Find Your Nearest Recycling Locations

Local recycling locations or collection events:

City/Company Address Location Information
San Mateo | San Mateo County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program Permanent collection site: San Mateo. Temporary events: countywide. All locations are by appointment only, visit to find a free appointment near you. Accepts punctured and not punctured cylinders for free.

Become a Business Partner

The ReFuel Your Fun Program needs your business to help make reusable 1 lb. cylinders easy for residents to access. Help the program expand by:

  1. Selling reusable 1 lb. cylinders – become a Flame King retailer or Little Kamper exchange partner.
  2. Offering refill services – if you already have propane on-site, you can purchase the Flame King adapter to refill customers’ cylinders.
  3. Offering exchange services – join Little Kamper’s Exchange Program.

Learn more about how to participate as a retail/refill/exchange location.

Contact Us

For questions or guidance about Environmental Health Services’ RFYF business partner program or to request a presentation or site visit for your organization, book an appointment or contact the Program Coordinator, Emilie Dirck, at, (650) 464-7079.