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Passport to Parks

Parks/Walking Paths

Date: Anytime during April 2015- April 2016

Location: Clue #1 is: This park is named after a tropical tree, which you will find in the middle of the park.  These types of trees can bear coconuts and betel nuts, as well as produce oil.  Kids also enjoy playing at the playground here. Is it: a) Palm Park, b) Hawes Park, or c) Dolphin Park?

Description: Passport to Parks is a year-long campaign to help you get to know your parks better! Better yet, this activity is free to you and can be done at any time. This is a great activity for families. In this campaign, you will travel within a city to find 3 parks to complete a “passport”. You will find signs at each park that will tell you a clue or something interesting about the next park. Directions will also be included. The key is to travel by foot, bike, skateboard, skates, or other means of being active! Once you’ve reached your final destination, you will have the opportunity to submit your “passport” electronically or by mail and let us know your thoughts about your travels for the day. You will have an opportunity to enter a drawing for a prize for the period that you participated. For more information, go to