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Public Safety Communications

General information
Holding Priority 3 Ambulance Calls PSC-1  
System Alert/ALS Ambulance System Level Zero PSC-2  
Ambulance Deployment Broadcast/Notifications PSC-3  
EMD and Medical Backup for South San Francisco PSC-4  
Use of 911 Units for Emergency Interfacility Transfers PSC-5  
Special Response Areas PSC-6  
EMS Aircraft PSC-7  
Field Safety PSC-8  
Correctional Facilities PSC-10  
Dispatching in Manual Mode PSC-9  
Dispatching and Transport Priorities PSC-11  
EMD Compliance Policy PSC-12  
EMD Quality Assurance Policy PSC-13  
Medical Resource Standby PSC-14  
Alert I/II/III PSC-15  
AMR Management Notifications PSC-16  
EMS Agency Notification PSC-17