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Memos and Communications

General information

The following memos and communications come from the San Mateo County EMS Agency and EMS Medical Director. The following documents enhance and support current policy, procedures, and protocols. All posted content should be considered current policy.

EMS Agency Memos and Communications
Assess and Refer and Hospital Transfer (22–CLN–01) 1/5/2022
Transfer of Patient Care at Receiving Hospitals (21–CLN–01) 1/13/2021
9-1-1 System Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Response and Transpor 11/17/2021
Central Patient Routing (21–OPS–01) 11/17/2021
COVID and Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and Swab Testing (21-BUL-02 ) 11/5/2021
COVID-19 Guidance Rescinded (21–CLN–06) 6/3/2021
Online Licensing Portal and Application Process (21–BUL–01) 3/8/2021
Base Hospital Designation – Stanford Hospital (21–CLN–04) 2/24/2021
EMS Week 2020 – Ready Today. Preparing for Tomorrow. 5/19/2020
Memo: Healthcare Facilities - Required Notification on Reportable Infectious Disease to Prehospital Personnel Updated: 9/2/2020
Memo: Expired Medications 3/31/2020
Memo: EMS Mobile App (19-CLN-03) 11/1/2019
Memo: EMS Adult Treatment Protocols (19 – CLN – 002) 10/1/2019
Memo: Mobile Stroke Unit Rendezvous Points (19–CLN–01) 6/14/2019
Memo: Coming System Updates and Trainings 11/1/2018
Memo: Chest Pain and STEMI Care Communication 9/7/2018
Memo: Fentanyl & Morphine Availability, Interim Pain Policies, & End-of-Life Option 6/12/2018
Memo: Expired Medications, New Protocol Implementation, Base Contact 4/9/2018
Memo: Expired Medication & Mobile Stroke Unit 3/19/2018
Memo: Pediatric Intubation Removal from Scope of Practice/Intramuscular (IM) injections 11/7/2017
Memo: Epinephrine 1mg to 1:10,000 Pre-load Shortages 8/23/2017
Memo: Nasal Tracheal Intubation, High Performance CPR, Expired Medication, Death with Dignity 6/2017
Memo: EMS Ringdown Procedures 1/4/2017
Memo: High Performance CPR Implementation, Documentation & Call Management 10/28/2016
Memo: Patient Health Information (PHI), Pediatric CPR, End of Life Option Legislation 6/7/2016
Memo: Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) Definition 7/2014
Memo: Communicable Diseases with Rash and Fever 7/2014
Memo: Normal Saline 7/2014
Memo: Expired DuoDote and Atropen Auto-Injectors 7/2014