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Hospital Discharge

General information

Hospital Discharge Guidelines

Providers must report patients with suspected or confirmed diagnosis of tuberculosis within one working day of identification (Title 17 California Code of Regulations §2500).

All patients with suspect or confirmed diagnosis of M. tuberculosis need approval by San Mateo County Health prior to discharge or transfer to another facility to ensure that:

  • San Mateo County TB Control Program is aware of the patient at time of diagnosis and prepared to ensure continuity of treatment
  • Potentially infectious patients are not discharged to high risk environments where susceptible individuals may get exposed

The hospital shall notify Public Health of its discharge plans at least 24 hours prior to discharge.

Readiness for discharge is based on the following criteria:

  • Three consecutive sputa samples have been obtained for smear and culture
  • The patient is on appropriate multi-drug therapy
  • Home assessment by the Public Health Nurse has been completed
  • Arrangements have been made for continuation of care after discharge

Please complete the discharge planning summary form and fax it to the San Mateo County TB Control Program. The fax number is indicated on the form.