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Community Service Areas


Community Service Areas
"Your Wellness, Your Way, Your Community"

Community Service Areas (CSA) bring community members together to improve the lives of those affected by mental health and/or substance use conditions by strengthening the collaboration and coordination of services within each area. The CSAs are organized into six regions within San Mateo County to help reach people in the most meaningful ways.

Community Service Areas Make a Difference

  • Focus on wellness and recovery, empowering the community, family and individual.
  • Provide culturally sensitive and holistic access, services and supports.
  • Build on strengths and values unique to each community.
  • Coordinate services between primary care, mental health and substance use treatment to support clients’ total health and wellness.
  • Offer same day assistance and easy, convenient access to services.
  • Seek ways to continuously improve the quality of mental health and substance use services in the community.

BHRS Community Service Area Regions

Community Advisory Committee

Each CSA is guided by a Community Advisory Committee.  The Committee includes community members and service providers from diverse backgrounds who bring different perspectives to our work—such as education, health care, law enforcement, and faith-based and community based organizations. BHRS clients and family members make up the majority of the Committee. 

The Committee’s goal is to help individuals and families with or at-risk of mental health and/or substance use conditions access the services and supports they need in their community.

Get Involved

We need people who want to make a difference and help direct mental health and substance abuse efforts in your community.

Contact the Community Service Area Manager in your area to find out how you can participate in your local Community Advisory Committee.

Stipends are available for consumers and family members who participate on the Consumer Advisory Committee.

More Info

Download the brochure in English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog or
Russian for more information about the CSA’s.

Community Service Areas Managers

Northwest CSA 

Daly City, Pacifica, Colma 
“Supporting a Vibrant Community Through our Collective Strength” 
Planning Workshop - 6/20/14 Report Out
CSA Manager: Tim Holechek
Ph: (650) 301-8656

Northeast CSA  (coming soon) 

Brisbane, South San Francisco, San Bruno, Millbrae
CSA Manager: Doug Fong
Ph: (650) 301-8620

Coastside CSA

Half Moon Bay, La Honda, Pescadero
“People, Planning, Progress…Coastside”
Planning Workshop - 11/8/13 Report Out
CSA Manager: Ziomara Ochoa
Ph: (650) 599-1040

Central CSA  

Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont
“Live Better Together, Wellness for All”
Planning Workshop - 6/14/13 Report Out
CSA Manager: Pernille Gutschick
Ph: (650) 372-8586

South CSA  

San Carlos, Redwood City, Woodside, Atherton, West Menlo Park, Portola Valley
“We are Working Together Everywhere” 
Planning Workshop - 3/15/13 Report Out
CSA Manager: Diane Dworkin
Ph: (650) 372-6134

East Palo Alto CSA

East Menlo Park, East Palo Alto
“Creating Hope Out of Struggle.”
Planning Workshop - 2/28/14 Report Out
CSA Manager: Carlos Morales
Ph: (650) 421-5186

Background on BHRS

Redesign In early 2012, the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) Division engaged in a series of discussions with stakeholders to share its evolving thinking regarding how behavioral health services might be delivered in San Mateo in a shifting healthcare context. The Affordable Care Act (also known as health care reform) represents a paradigm shift for health services in the United States, with a much more integrated approach to the health and well being of individuals. This new philosophy embraces a holistic view that places high value in care coordination and integration, prevention and early intervention, data-driven interventions, cost control, quality improvement, and better outcomes. BHRS leadership continuously considers ways to improve the quality of behavioral health services and the way it is delivered in San Mateo. In 2012, the Division hosted “listening sessions” with stakeholders, offering some ideas at a highly conceptual stage about the future of behavioral health services.

Director’s Message

Steve Kaplan, BHRS Director, introduces the conversation and the ideas in play in the video below. (Be sure you have the volume on your PC turned up. Click the bottom right corner of the frame to view the video in full screen).

Community Service Areas

See the November 2012 Redesign Update from Steve Kaplan – after a weeklong “3P Planning Workshop” was held to conceptualize how the CSAs would work.


Listening Session Feedback

See the High level summary report – to get a sense of the themes that emerged during all listening sessions.

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