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Lived Experience 2.0 Peer & Family Action Summit
October 26

Article Cardum Harmon, Heart & Soul

The upcoming Lived Experience 2.0 Peer & Family Action Summit will help San Mateo County’s Behavioral Health & Recovery Services (BHRS) chart the path towards expanding the role of peers, consumers and family members in the design and delivery of services.

The summit will shape BHRS’s vision of recovery and wellness by providing valuable information which will be then used to create a plan with concrete recommendations to BHRS.

Join Us – October 26, 2017

The San Mateo County Peer Recovery Collaborative (California Clubhouse, Heart and Soul, Voices of Recovery), Office of Consumer & Family Affairs ​and the Office of Diversity and Equity invite you to the upcoming Lived Experience 2.0 Peer & Family Action Summit, which will take place in Foster City, California, on October 26, 2017.

Summit tracks: 

  • Advocacy - How can consumers and family members inform and help guide the work of BHRS?
  • Creating Common Ground – What are the differences and the similarities between the roles of peers and providers? How can BHRS support peer/provider successful alliances and role transitions?
  • Workforce Development  – How can BHRS take better advantage of the values, knowledge and skills that peers can bring to the workforce?

Call for workshops or more info

Voices of Recovery – LE 2.0 Workshop Proposals
310 Harbor Blvd Bldg E, San Mateo, CA 94002

Download flyer.