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Clara Boyden Named Deputy Director, Alcohol & Other Drug Services
For Behavioral Health & Recovery Services

Clara Boyden

Clara Boyden has been named to serve as the first Deputy Director for BHRS Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Services.  AOD programs and services are critical to meet the needs of our community and this is a significant step in providing integrated behavioral health service at all levels. 

She first joined the County of San Mateo in 1998 in the Health Department’s Tobacco Prevention Program in the Health Education Unit.  Since then, Clara has held a number of roles within Health and the Human Services Agency (HSA), including HSA’s Planning and Evaluation Unit.   

In 2006, Clara was promoted to a management position within AOD as Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, a new division under SMC Health that was beginning to form as a result of the merger between the Mental Health and AOD.  

Clara has been responsible for coordinating and overseeing the roll out of major programs related to health reform in AOD, such as the AOD Benefit and Implementation of the Bridge to Reform Waiver, the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System Managed Care services (first in the state), and the oversight of criminal justice programs (Proposition 36, development of Multiple DUI Court) 

She has served in leadership positions for Bay Area groups and at the statewide level, most recently in the Department of Health Care Services’ Youth Advisory Group (2018-2019); she completed several executive training programs, and is trained in LEAP and LEAN principles. 

Clara is a tireless advocate for individuals struggling with substance use disorders and people in recovery.  She has led the way for the implementation of medication assisted treatment and the county’s  response to the opioid epidemic. Along with her dedicated team, she has made a huge difference for the many San Mateo County residents who have regained their lives through recovery and for those who are seeking treatment.