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All Together Better
SMC Health Rolls Out New Visual Identity


On September 12, San Mateo County Health rolled out a new visual identity, including a new name, logo tagline and BHRS-specific logo lockup. We hope that as these items become widely recognized and associated with the excellent quality of our broad range of services and high integrity of our public health protection functions, to help us remain a deeply trusted and caring community partner.

We started this project two years ago by surveying our stakeholder community and found many responses focused on the mission-driven aspects of our work, the value of collaboration, an embrace of diversity, and the importance of innovation in patient/client care and protecting the public’s health.

At a time when building trust with everyone we serve and with whom we partner is necessary, it was important to find ways to more proactively promote our values and build consistency across our many programs and services in a new visual identity for the department. The visual identity will help us speak with a unified voice and let the community know that we are all together better.