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Junior Giants League
Redwood City - Ages 5-18

Team Sports

Date: June – August

Location: 3399 Bay Road, Redwood City

Description: Ages 5-18. Junior Giants is a free, non-competitive, co-ed baseball program for under-served youth, ages 5-18. Working together with local agencies, families and volunteers, Junior Giants reaches into communities and offers youth a chance to learn the basics of baseball during the summer while also discovering the importance of self-esteem and respect. Entering the 21st season, Junior Giants annually serves over 20,000 participants in 90+ leagues and serves as a positive alternative to unhealthy activities for at-risk youth. Junior Giants is more than just baseball and offers several distinct programs to further enrich a player’s experience. Players learn the Junior Giants Four Bases of Character Development: Confidence, Integrity, Leadership and Teamwork, as well as the importance of Education, Health and Violence Prevention. For more information on the Redwood City Junior Giants program, go to or contact Jacob Hodgdon at  or (650) 780-7246. FREE.