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Absolutely Abs 
South San Francisco


Date: June 7 – Aug 23 Tuesday @ 6:45PM-7:25PM

Location: MSB-Social Hall, 33 Arroyo Dr., South San Francisco

Description: 14+ years old. Here’s the class you’ve been looking for! Strengthen the core area. Obtain proper alignment of the spine and back. Gain control, stability, flexibility and fluidity of movement. Lengthen and tone the abdominal and back muscles. Learn when/what to contract and when/what to relax. Practice relaxing the shoulder, neck, and arms while executing abdominal and back exercises and movements. Build lung capacity to help remove toxins and to help burn more calories. Various modifications for various fitness and flexibility levels will be demonstrated. Please bring towel, mat, and 2-3lb. weights to class. REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! WWW.SSF.NET Fee is $30R/$45NR ($2.5/class)