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Trauma-Informed Prevention and Early Intervention for Youth


The County of San Mateo, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) is seeking proposals from organizations that can provide Trauma-Informed Prevention and Early Intervention services for youth. 

The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) provides funding to Counties for mental health services by imposing a 1% tax on personal income in excess of $1 million. The Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) component of MHSA is intended to build the capacity of the community to increase resiliency by decreasing risk factors and increasing the protective factors for individuals who are at greater risk of developing a serious mental illness and their parents, caregivers, and other family members. PEI emphasizes improving timely access to services and reducing the seven (7) negative outcomes of untreated mental illness: suicide, incarcerations, school failure or dropout, unemployment, prolonged suffering, homelessness, and removal of children from their homes.

Trauma-Informed PEI for Youth RFP Packet

RFP Budget Worksheet