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Warehousing Services for Emergency Medical Equipment Storage and Supplies Stockpile, and Strategic National Stockpile RFP


As outlined in more detail in the posted RFP document, this Request for Proposals (RFP) is seeking proposals for warehousing services for the emergency medical equipment and supplies stockpile, and Strategic National Stockpile for San Mateo County Health, as listed in the scope of work of this RFP.

Notice of Intent to Award (released 12/3/2021 on

Addendum - 1 (8/24/2021)


Summary of changes:

  • The deadline for submission is extended to 9/10/2021.
  • The warehouse must be within a driving radius of 30-miles of the County boundaries without crossing any bridge(s) traversing its political borders. 
  • See addendum for full details.