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Sylvia Tang
Community Health Planner


Voted “most likely to brighten your day” by her classmates, Sylvia, an ice cream loving, creative, singing, civically-engaged social justice oriented  Mom, is committed to cultivating  coalitions that encourage people to manifest self love (a positive and confident view of yourself and your place in the world) and reducing the language and cultural barriers that persist in health care by advancing health equity. As a former Co-Chair and current Chinese-American member of the Chinese Health Initiative she focuses on building coalitions across ethnic/cultural/linguistic/professional sectors of service and amplifying community voice and community empowerment in San Mateo County. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health from UC Berkeley and Master’s in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.    Her main areas of work within the Office of Diversity and Equity include guiding efforts that reduce the stigma discrimination related to mental health and substance use issues and facilitating the Mental Health Awareness Month Planning Committee and events. Sylvia is instrumental in producing the Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Suicide Prevention Roadmap and co-chairs the Suicide Prevention Committee. In addition, Sylvia provides program evaluation and support across Office of Diversity & Equity programs and initiatives.  Sylvia is a deeply respected and highly regarded member of our team and we’d agree that she is, indeed, most likely to Brighten your day!