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Sana, Sana, Colita de Rana
November 4th
10th Annual Latino/a/x Health Forum


Please join us for our 10th Annual Sana Sana, Colita de Rana event that is co-sponsored by BHRS’ Latino/a/x Collaborative, ALAS, Spiritualiy Initiative, Native Indigenous People’s Initiative, and BHRS’ Office of Diversity & Equity.

What is Sana Sana Colita de Rana? This endearing phrase is based on a common children’s rhyme in Spanish about a little frog’s tail healing to offer comfort and to build resilience, especially when a child has been wounded or hurt. When translated literally it means “heal, heal, little frog’s tail.” This expression is commonly used in many Latino/a/x communities to offer consolation when one, specifically a child, has fallen or gotten hurt. The phrase continues with “if you don’t heal today, you will heal tomorrow.” At its core, this message is meant to offer relentless encouragement, that while we may be suffering today, things will get better tomorrow. ​ 

Date/ time: Saturday, November 4th, 2023 from 11AM-3PM 

Location: South San Francisco High School (400 B Street, South San Francisco, Ca). 

About the event: This is a family-friendly event to promote health and wellness among our Latino/a/x community in SMC. This event will be in Spanish with English interpretation for main events.

This year’s theme is “10 Años Sañando Juntos / Ten Years of Healing Together” to recognize our tenth year of holding this event and to reflect on how far we have come as a Latino/a/x Collaborative community.  

We are proud to share that our keynote speaker will be Dra. Estela Garcia. Dra. Garcia has received numerous leadership recognition awards for her commitment to Chicano, Latino/a/x community.

Additionally, we will have on-site health screenings, food, music, resource booths, and so much more.

No registration required. 

This event is dedicated in memory of Hector Robles-Moncada, co-chair and co-leader of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sana Sana. Hector Robles Moncada, who passed earlier this year. Hector was born in Mexico and raised in León, Guanajuato, México, Hector started his work with BHRS in 2007 as a clinician and later promoted to Unit Supervisor. Hector inspired many County residents, colleagues, and community members with his compassion and commitment to serve the most impacted – such as efforts to decrease inequities, increase representation, and break down barriers to support those who needed access to care.  He empowered the community by showing staff and clients that it was important to embrace your culture with pride and that within your culture there was healing.   

Flyer: See the flyer for more info.

Interested to volunteer for Sana Sana? Sign up for our volunteer list here!

Transportation info: Simplest route to SSF HS would be to take the ECR (North Bound or South Bound) and exit at the El Camino Real & West Orange Ave stop.

About the event host: This event is hosted by Latino/a/x Collaborative, one of our BHRS Health Equity Initiatives (HEI).

Our HEI’s were created to ensure that all members of our community are afforded access to services and quality care. The initiatives are dedicated to representing specific cultural communities that have been underserved, inappropriately served, or unserved. Their work has assisted us in decreasing stigma, educating and empowering our communities, supporting wellness and recovery, building culturally responsive service, and being a bridge to our County services.