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San Mateo County Medical Reserve Corps

San Mateo County Medical Reserve Corps
Dear San Mateo County Residents,
The San Mateo County MRC thanks you for your interest. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the County Emergency Operations Center staff has mobilized many supports for the health response  including a system for people who want to volunteer their talents to do so.  If you know anyone who would like to play a role please share this survey:  There is also a new system in place to accept donations of medical supplies that are not widely available so they can be used.  There is an email box to receive these offers of assistance:
If you have any questions please visit or to learn more information.

What is the San Mateo County Medical Reserve Corps?  

The San Mateo County Medical Reserve Corps (SMC MRC) is a collaborative effort between local communities and the County which will enhance preparedness and response to major medical health emergencies and disasters. We are comprised of specially trained volunteers who work in conjunction with public health infrastructure during times of emergency or disaster. MRC volunteers dedicate their time and expertise in a variety of fields, such as public health, medicine, project management, nursing, and more, to ensure a rapid, thorough, and safe response to the healthcare needs of the public. Volunteers of all backgrounds are invited to join. 


The Mission of the San Mateo County Medical Reserve Corps is to collaboratively serve in assuring the health of the public during emergencies and disasters.

The SMC MRC also supports public health through participation in community disaster preparedness drills, staffing first aid stations at community events, providing health screenings at health fairs, and distributing health and emergency preparedness information at local events. Through specialized training, SMC MRC members are equipped to be called upon in the event of a large scale disaster, public health emergency, hospital surge, or to provide medical related support to shelters.

Links and Resources


Title Link/Module Quiz
IS 100.C (Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100)  
IS 700.B (Introduction to the National Incident Management System)  
Working in a Point of Dispensing  Working in a POD (PDF) Working in a POD Quiz
Personal Safety and Health for Emergency Responders Personal Safety and Health for Emergency Responders (PDF)

Personal Safety and Health for Emergency Responders Quiz 

Your Family Disaster Plan 

Your Family Disaster Plan (PDF)

Your Family Disaster Plan Workbook

Your Family Disaster Plan Quiz

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