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ODE Team Values


Our team works tirelessly to serve San Mateo County. When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion you couldn’t have created a better team. This team works hard to set the trends and create change that supports all our communities in obtaining wellness.


Our team is guided by their desire to serve others and their love for the beautiful diversity that is SMC. We feel privileged to serve others as if they were our own family. With this lens we bring to our collective the drive to give our best and create meaningful change.


Our work over the years has shown us that we must have ingenuity integrated into our programs and plans. Our communities and leaders have shown us that “one size does not fit all” and that by listening to our experts (our communities) we are best able to support their needs and remove barriers to wellness.


Our team has represented our vibrant and diverse communities in how they identify their race, ethnicity and as LGBTQ+, people with disabilities or members with lived experience. Bringing their experiences and true self to our work helps us lead with understanding, deep respect and the integration of different viewpoints.


Our team strives to hold its commitment to self-reflection, lifelong learning, establishing respectful relationships with others based in openness and curiosity at its constant guide. This open-mindedness has supported our work in not making assumptions and thoughtfully considering how our work impacts others