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Internship Overview: Healthy Economy Intern


The focus of the internship project will be to assist Health System staff in researching and developing strategies to maximize economic opportunity for people facing economic barriers in San Mateo County. Access to stable employment, adequate income and benefits can help build financial security and improve overall health and well-being.

Despite the Bay Area’s recent unprecedented growth, income inequality is increasing and many working and middle class residents have been left behind—facing higher rates of unemployment and low wages, financial insecurity and shrinking social supports. These conditions make it difficult to afford and meet basic needs, leading to higher rates of depression, stress and preventable diseases like asthma, obesity and diabetes, ultimately leading to lower life expectancy and poor health.

However they are not inevitable. Health Policy and Planning works with cities, school, and businesses, community–based organizations and workers to foster a strong local economy that supports everyone’s health. The Healthy Economy Intern will help define HPP’s future work towards this goal. They will analyze current conditions, synthesize best practices and propose solutions. 

To learn more or apply for this position, please see the Healthy Economy intern application packet.

Recruitment for this position is closed.