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Frances Lobos
Community Health Planner


Frances Lobos can be found at the center of a carefully planned community event, pushing forward language access policies, and at the head of a Halloween decorating contest. She embodies warmth, radiates connection, and believes that with a little organization and thoughtfulness anything is possible. This warmth can be attributed in part to her parents who are healthcare workers that passed on to her the importance of access. Frances essentially grew up in a non-profit going from promotora to the manager of a program and has always seen helping others as her career path. She treats our community with the same love, care, respect, and humility that she would treat a family member and these central pillars are always at the heart of every project she is involved in whether it is Multi Cultural Organizational Development for internal staff or the solidarity event she organized following the increase of family separation in our community. Parent project under her coordination has reached 1,000 graduates, she led the effort to create interpretation videos for Behavioral Health and Recovery Services which are the first in the country to be implemented, as well as planned many successful Sana Sana events with the Latino Collaborative. Her work showcases intentionality, responsiveness, equity, and the importance of community care.