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Doris Estremera
Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Manager


As the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Manager, Doris Estremera oversees 12% of the total revenue for BHRS and single handedly manages all activities around MHSA.  To our team, she has become a pillar of knowledge and support that everyone turns to for guidance because she has deep understating of public health systems, and ability to provide solutions to ensure we remain community focused. Her passion for community driven services began early in her career when served as an interpreter in a hospital setting. This experience gave her a firsthand glimpse of the inequities that exist within healthcare systems, and this led her to begin working in prevention and early intervention initiatives that focused on outreach and education.  In her time at ODE, Doris has been key in BHRS’ progress towards cultural humility and community responsive care. From the development of our Multicultural Organization Development Plan to the advancement of innovation projects such as; the San Mateo County PRIDE Center and the Social Enterprise Cafe for Filipino/a/x Youth, Doris’ unshakable energy, vision and determination have made these milestones possible.

Doris, thank you for your commitment to equity and inclusivity, and for being our in-house expert and an inspiration to us all!