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Patients Benefit by Participating in SMC Connected Care


There are multiple ways in which SMC Connected Care will benefit you and leave you with the highest confidence and satisfaction in your healthcare. These benefits include saving you time, improving your overall care and experience, potentially reducing costs, and enhancing your privacy through the highest security standards.

Time Saving

With SMC Connected Care, physicians and other qualified health professionals will have quick access to your health information compiled from multiple participating health organizations. When health providers are not connected electronically to the health information they need, they are forced to spend time searching and requesting paper documents by calling and faxing for information—this can mean less time spent with the patient and potential treatment delays. With SMC Connected Care, providers will no longer have to “chase” information. They will already have the important health information they need to make informed decisions about your treatment plan.

Improves Care

With consistent health information delivery provided by SMC Connected Care, physicians and other providers will get results and reports in one compiled format, which makes your health information more complete. As a result, your care is improved through reduced errors and improved treatment recommendations. It also means you don’t have to remember the details of every hospital visit or medication you’ve been prescribed when you see a new doctor. All of this information will be stored in SMC Connected Care.

Cost Reduction

With more streamlined and comprehensive information, quality of care improves and duplicate tests and procedures are reduced. In this way, SMC Connected Care saves you time and can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for unnecessary medications, radiology tests, lab tests and hospitalizations.

Enhances Privacy

Your privacy is very important to San Mateo County Health. Our use of electronic health information requires enhanced security protections beyond what is required for paper records. Therefore, your health information and privacy are more secure than ever.