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Avatar NX
myAvatar Upgrade Coming in 2022


myAvatar NX and Perceptive (Document Capture Software)

Perceptive: myAvatar’s new document capture software coming in March 2022

Perceptive is myAvatar’s new electronic content management software, manufactured by Hyland Software. Perceptive will be replacing POS Scan and POS Scan 64.

New Features of myAvatar NX

  • New web Interface
  • myDay view - A dedicated view that provides the information you need to plan and prioritize your day. Widgets on the myDay view provide a visual breakdown of items requiring action by you, such as today’s appointments, individual To Do’s, and reminders to yourself. 
  • Client dashboard - A summary view of the client’s information that includes an adjustable list of quick actions, client-specific tasks or to do items, and additional client-specific information. 
  • Task List - allows users to see upcoming tasks listed across time/caseload and view your busiest segments in order to organize your day to ensure that no task or activity is missed.