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This week’s Event Center vaccine clinics are for health care workers only
Vaccinations for persons over 65 have not yet begun (click for more info)


Statement from San Mateo County Health

January 14, 2020

We understand that everyone is confused and frustrated about how the vaccine is being administered. We in San Mateo County share that frustration and are trying to work through the process that the State has outlined to make sure the vaccine distribution is fair, equitable, and timely.

Right now, in San Mateo County, we are not yet providing vaccines to persons 65 and over in the next phase of the vaccine roll out. Those days are coming soon, but right now we are focusing on Phase 1a health care workers. We and other Bay Area counties don’t yet have enough doses to administer them to persons over 65.

Please check with your health care provider or health plan to understand how you will know when it is your turn to receive the vaccine.

Please do not come to the Event Center if you are not a qualified health care worker who has pre-registered for an appointment. 

Our staff are working to vaccinate the health care workers who are serving our communities and will continue to provide the often urgent care we all count on when we get sick. We need to keep our staff working on giving shots to the Phase 1a health care workers.

Please do not try to schedule an appointment unless you are a qualified Phase 1a health care worker.

We hope to have more information soon about when we will start vaccinations for persons over 65. But for now, we’re asking everyone to be patient, to wait, and let us focus on the current phase of health care workers.

While you wait your turn, remember to continue wearing your mask, practice social distancing, and isolate yourself if you have symptoms or exposure to COVID-19.

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